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Olivia Luper is a professional writer and content marketing specialist for fee-only, Registered Investment Advisors.

Content Writing and Marketing for Fee-Only Advisors

It's no secret that the advisory profession is becoming increasingly saturated, and with more and more big-name companies offering holistic planning advice, advisor differentiation is essential. What are you doing to demonstrate your unique skill set and added value to prospects?

 In our content-driven world, advisors distinguish themselves by frequently producing and disseminating written content that reflects their brand identity and engages their target audience.

How I Help:

I help established advisors attract their ideal client, nurture existing client relationships, and substantiate themselves as experts in their field by writing and disseminating high-quality, customized content on their behalf.

How It Works:

Each tool in the content marketing toolbox is designed to serve a unique purpose. Not only do I help you identify which content marketing techniques will best serve your firm's goals, I personally put them into action.

Of course, it all begins with writing engaging, compelling content. But this is only half the battle. I then leverage that content through email and social media to ensure your content makes an impact and accomplishes your firm's unique objectives.

The Process:

1) Locate

  • Your Ideal Client
  • Your "Why"
  • Your unique skills and strengths

2) Analyze

  • Where your current content marketing plan may be lagging
  • If your website needs an overhaul to better reflect your image and your specialty
  • Which tools will best suit your goals

3) Create

  • Written content that educates and engages your target audience
  • Branded images to help promote the written content
  • Lead generation magnets to build your email list

4) Disseminate

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email Campaigns
  • YouTube
  • Landing Page

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